Why are we your best choice?

*We are the leading company in our country, 100% Mexican with a great presence worldwide. We have more than 40 years of experience in design and manufacturing of Sating for Cinemas, stadium, arenas, auditorium, schools, Churches and most kind of venues.

*We are legally settled and have two production plants, with all the infrastructure to meet your expectations of production and delivery timelines. Furthermore, we count with an 800 employee crew who are committed to the quality of our products and the service to our customers.

*Mobiliario is certified by the norm ISO:9001:2015 in all of our production and administration process.

*The largest Cinema chains in Mexico and around the world, as well as the outstanding stadiums which are a landmark in our country, the high prestige education institutes, and most important entertaining venues, have put their trust in our product and our people. OUR CUSTOMERS. We encourage you to ask for reference.

*We use prime quality raw materials and the best suppliers to ensure the quality and durability of our product line.

*We are more than please so help you through your project and product selection process, offering the best warranty, post-sale service and the certainty to do safe business.

*We have various certificates and test performed by the most recognized international and local laboratories that endorse the quality of our different products, with tests of Resistance, microbial, flammability, UV rays, high impact, meeting the nation and international standards depending of the needs of our customers.



*There are several companies and distributors in Mexico and around the world that import or sell similar products, but with dubious quality materials, low steel gauges, mixed polypropylene or without additives lowering the cost but sacrificing quality!

*Careful with low cost products, that are supposed to be or outdoor and end up getting aged quickly, cracking and breaking. Do not risk your image and reputation.

*Careful with product that seem to be the same by in the end squeak, and do not resist the daily use no the passing of time. Do not risk your investment.

*We kindly invite you to always ask for references of any option you are considering. the will help you avoid unnecessary risks.